Predictive software powered by AI with ZERO required knowledge of AI.

Sales forecasting

Manage your stocks and budgets accurately



Overtake your competition and decrease your cost with our software providing accurate, time and cost-effective demand planning and forecasting methodology with simple to use software interface. Be less dependent on human experience and instead support their decisions by scientific analyses of historical sales data combined with complex relationships of factors like seasonality and economic indicators.

Discount recommendation

Get your discounts under control


Discount Recommendation

Our company will help you to increase your revenue, customer loyalty and satisfaction with our locally installed software working with your historical sales data to recommend optimal personalized discounts to your customers based on their revenue and sales history.



Overtake your competition, increase your revenue and boost customer loyalty with our easy to use software installed on your computer by recommending optimal discounts! Get all the benefits of modern technology of artificial intelligence with self-learning capabilities with minimal human supervision.

Next best offer

Personalise your communication to your customers


Get a competitive advantage, increase your sales revenue and reduce customer churn with our software solution by predicting what will be the next product or service customer is going to order and to identify which customers are likely to leave for competitors.


Overtake your competition, increase your revenue and reduce customer churn with our software providing direct offers to the customers or by creating personalised marketing campaigns with offers relevant to every single customer. Get real-time prediction on products or services your customer might be specifically interested in and take the most appropriate marketing action to eliminate the risk of customer churn.